Customers who buy Kindle 3 are saying it is a wish finally granted. Customers are so satisfied with the Kindle 3 that it has shot up to the number one seller at Amazon and has remained there for two years. The newest Kindles reviews are cheaper than ever before.

You no longer have to search for an AT&T hotspot to download books with the Kindle 3. You get the freedom to download your books at your convenience anywhere. If you are having acoverage on your cell phone then you may also add it as an additional in your library directly. Making the Kindle a 3G books available anywhere.

Unlike the LCD screens, the Kindle’s display screen reads such as a real paper, no glaring effect. Read as much as so easily in a bright sunlight like that in living room High and new Contrast E-ink display screen will gives you 50% much better contrast. It provides a clearest text as well as a sharpest images ever.

The low book prices have customers happy and so do the 610,000 books at $9.99 or less, also included are 79 New York Times Best Sellers. The Kindle 3 has doubled the amount of space for storage so that you can save up to 3,500 books.

Kindle can read English-language content aloud to you with the Read-to-Me feature with Text-to-Speech. Alternatively, if you prefer silence the Quieter turning Page would mean that you are not disturbing your partner if you want reading the whole night. checkout latest news at

When you buy Kindle 3 Amazon actually pays for your wireless connectivity, which means no wireless contracts and no commitments for you! Everything is 100% Free including the AT&T hotspots.

Kindle 3 is ideal for people who frequently travel internationally because of the 3G network. In less than 60 seconds, you will still receive your books. With wireless coverage in over a hundred, separate countries, due to the GSM technology. On an International level, GSM is the most popular and reliable wireless technology.

Access almost 2 million books at no charge when you buy Kindle 3. Yes, free! This includes all of the old classics such as Moby Dick and any others that were written before 1923. You have unlimited access to the library and there is no limit to the amount of books you read.


Simple to use, the Kindle paperwhite case is ready to use right out of the box—no wireless setup, no software to install, no computer required, read right away.

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There are absolutely a lot of reasons to buy a kindle these days. Reading has been made more conveniently in contrast to the typical way of reading your favorite books. This time, you can possibly make use of an electronic book reader to have a unique reading experience. A lot of companies tried to produce the same product being initiated by Amazon, but they all failed to replicate the features of Kindle. It remains exceptional and practical to suit your reading needs.