The Nook Vs. Kindle Review – who is the best?

Looking for the best e-readers then comes the right choice to make between the Nooks vs. Kindle. Both the Nook and Kindle are the giant eBook readers, with distinctive features to make a choice on which to buy. The Kindle is the accepted eBook reader as the first choice, while the Nook played a second fiddle to it. Making the best decision on which to buy depends on the personality and the most exciting features that determine the difference between both devices.

Kindle whitepaper review and Nook Review.

Let us have a look at differences and similarities between the two devices, keeping in mind on the focus as an e-reader and not tablets.


The cost of any electronic gadget is a significant factor for many people. The current price of Nook Line up from $129.99 from Barnes & Noble, while the Kindle Paperwhite line up from $119.99 from Amazon. Besides, there are other kindles with a low price and the best features seen in the Kindle is based on the prices.


Based on the kindle whitepaper review, the kindle whitepaper has a sleek black casing and is thin, having a tablet-like a touch screen so does the Nook. Booth eBook has a 6-inch screen and is a little bit different in size and weight. The kindle whitepaper has a dimension of 6.7 inches X 4.6 inches X 0.36inches, weighing about 7.6 ounces. The Nook has a dimension of 6.4 inches X 4.7 inches X 0.34inches, weighing about 7.2 ounces. The resolution of the Nook is 1,430 X 1,080 while that of the Kindle whitepaper is 1,440 X 1,080. More details.

File Formats Supported

The kindle whitepaper promotes an enormous variety of books than the Nook, but both have few similarities of eBook formats.

  • Kindle Whitepaper format includes; TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, AZW3, AZW, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP via conversion and PRC.
  • Nook format includes; EPUB, PDF, JPG, PNG and BMP

The kindle whitepaper review can take up to a thousand books, while that of the Nook takes less.

Storage and Connectivity

The Nook has a 4GB storage, with 2GB been reserved for the Nook store content, while the Kindle whitepaper has 4GB storage with free cloud storage for Amazon contents. The Nook has a Wi-Fi and limited 4G LTE, while the Kindle whitepaper has Wi-Fi, with the support of 3G for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security and password protection. With the Wi-Fi abilities of both devices, their various stores will be accessible.

Screen Quality, Audiobook Capability, Waterproofing and Dustproofing and Operating System

The Nook has a solid resolution and displays and has a 300-dpi with an inbuilt backlight with an E-ink Monochrome touchscreen, while the Kindle whitepaper has 300-PPI with an E-ink Carta and built-in backlight. The Nook has an audiobook ability while the Kindle whitepaper does not. The Nook is IP67 water and dust proof, while the kindle whitepaper has no IP67 water and dust proof. The operating system for the Kindle whitepaper is Kindle OS 5.7.4 while the Nook Glowlight Plus is the Nook.

Battery life

Both devices have the same battery life. It can take up to four-six weeks of life with an assumption of 30 minutes reading per day with no connectivity of Wi-Fi.


The most superb choice of e-readers is based on the personality. This is because both devices are extremely great in performance. Click here for more information:


Kindle vs. Nook: Which E-Reader Should You Gift?

Kindle vs. Nook: what makes it better than the other? As e-readers become increasingly popular, it is vital to contrast and compare the chief points of the functions so that you can create an informed purchasing decision. Now the most famous brands in the electronic reader market include Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. These 2 marks to analyze the characteristics of the electronic reader that are important to compare.

About a few year ago Kindle vs. Nook was a bit more one-sided. Nook was the first generation while Kindle was in its second version. The technology has advanced as expected. Amazon has released the latest version of Kindle, and Nook and Barnes and Noble also have just updated its software. Both electronic readers have developed and added functions. Below are 7 main areas, using Kindle vs. Nook, which you must keep in mind before making a purchase decision.


In general, Kindle is faster than Nook. Kindle turns on faster, pages become faster, downloads are faster and synchronization is faster. The touch screen of Nook is not very receptive and sometimes you must touch it a couple of times to respond or simply to activate it from sleep mode.


Kindle has a screen without backlighting that reduces eyestrain, is better for readability and may be read in sunlight as well. The Kindle “electronic ink electronic paper” screen makes the text appear as if you were reading it on actual paper. A minor comparison between Kindle vs. Nook is that Kindle has a less deep surface with the more matte finish, while the Nook has a glossy finish that may be annoying with reflections.


The Nook has a navigation menu with a touchscreen, while the Kindle uses fixed keyboard and button technology to navigate the text and titles. Both use the page button spinning. The Nook’s touchscreen is popular, but it makes the Nook a bit slower and contributes to shortening battery life compared to the Kindle. See more.

Other Media

Both Nook and Kindle allow you to put PDF and other files on your device and you can listen to music on both while reading.


The Nook has free Wi-Fi access at AT&T access points and at Barnes and Noble stores. The Kindle connects for free to AT & T Wi-Fi access points, as well as to other free Wi-Fi hotspots. The Kindle works in 100 countries wirelessly and territories in the world.


Currently, Amazon allows Kindle e-books to be shared for up to two weeks between Kindle owners or people with the Kindle app. The Nook has continuously allowed sharing titles for up to two weeks between users of the Nook and Nook app users.

Battery life

Kindle has a much longer battery than Nook. Maintaining the wireless connection shortens the battery life for both, but the Kindle has a longer life in both modes.

It is instantly apparent when comparing Kindle and Nook that the Kindle provides more robust standard features. The Nook becomes a decent value when you look at the e-Pub compatibility feature. Learn more details at


Where to Buy Kindle Devices

The great thing about shopping on Amazon is the customer review section. Here you can really see what customers have to say about their Kindle. You can see if they have had any problems with these eReaders and how many have been returned. As Amazon is such a large retailer you can be assured of getting a great deal on a Kindle.

If you are looking for where to buy Kindle readers you can now purchase them from a variety of places. Many retail stores are now carrying a Kindle as well. This way you can look at the various models and compare the differences. Even though you can shop in person for a Kindle many people still like to shop online with the hopes of finding a better price.

One of the most popular places for where to buy Kindle readers from is of course Amazon. This giant retailer has been selling Kindle eReaders for a long time now. Just by doing a search within Amazon you can compare the various models and see which model is selling the best.

Amazon came out with the Kindle as a way to save the environment. These electronic readers help save thousands if not millions of trees each year. The screen is easy to read and will not produce a glare if out in bright sunshine. The contrast of the ink is superb and the text is crisp and easy to read. In fact, you will forget that you aren’t even reading a regular book. checkout latest information at

Amazon has available all the accessories which you might need for your Kindle. This includes a variety of covers and USB car chargers. Great if you do lots of traveling. The Kindle paperwhite case are great for protecting your Kindle from the elements. Be that as it may, they are likewise an awesome approach to customize your Kindle. Spreads come in bunches of hues and styles there is certain to be one which coordinates your identity.

Amazon really is the best place to go when looking to see where you can buy Kindle devices from. As well they have literally thousands of available books which you can download. Don’t forget you can get out of print books downloaded for free!


There are now thousands of books which you can download onto your Kindle. This was done through anything referred to as Whispernet, it enables you to buy, download and afterward read your book.You don’t have to worry about downloading from your PC or Smartphone. Kindle is very user-friendly and works straight out of the box.

Even though you have several choices of where to buy Kindle readers from, most people still prefer to buy them online from Amazon. Their prices just cannot be beat and they have extremely fast shipping times too. You won’t have to wait long for your Kindle to be delivered to your front door.

The good thing about looking for a Kindle now is that the prices have dropped and continue to drop. So if you want to know where to buy Kindle then simply go back to the company that sold them first: Amazon.


Reasons To Buy Kindle 3

Customers who buy Kindle 3 are saying it is a wish finally granted. Customers are so satisfied with the Kindle 3 that it has shot up to the number one seller at Amazon and has remained there for two years. The newest Kindles reviews are cheaper than ever before.

You no longer have to search for an AT&T hotspot to download books with the Kindle 3. You get the freedom to download your books at your convenience anywhere. If you are having acoverage on your cell phone then you may also add it as an additional in your library directly. Making the Kindle a 3G books available anywhere.

Unlike the LCD screens, the Kindle’s display screen reads such as a real paper, no glaring effect. Read as much as so easily in a bright sunlight like that in living room High and new Contrast E-ink display screen will gives you 50% much better contrast. It provides a clearest text as well as a sharpest images ever.

The low book prices have customers happy and so do the 610,000 books at $9.99 or less, also included are 79 New York Times Best Sellers. The Kindle 3 has doubled the amount of space for storage so that you can save up to 3,500 books.

Kindle can read English-language content aloud to you with the Read-to-Me feature with Text-to-Speech. Alternatively, if you prefer silence the Quieter turning Page would mean that you are not disturbing your partner if you want reading the whole night. checkout latest news at

When you buy Kindle 3 Amazon actually pays for your wireless connectivity, which means no wireless contracts and no commitments for you! Everything is 100% Free including the AT&T hotspots.

Kindle 3 is ideal for people who frequently travel internationally because of the 3G network. In less than 60 seconds, you will still receive your books. With wireless coverage in over a hundred, separate countries, due to the GSM technology. On an International level, GSM is the most popular and reliable wireless technology.

Access almost 2 million books at no charge when you buy Kindle 3. Yes, free! This includes all of the old classics such as Moby Dick and any others that were written before 1923. You have unlimited access to the library and there is no limit to the amount of books you read.


Simple to use, the Kindle paperwhite case is ready to use right out of the box—no wireless setup, no software to install, no computer required, read right away.

Visit any possible site for more information about the Buy Kindle 3. Check out the most affordable place to buy Kindle on the market.

There are absolutely a lot of reasons to buy a kindle these days. Reading has been made more conveniently in contrast to the typical way of reading your favorite books. This time, you can possibly make use of an electronic book reader to have a unique reading experience. A lot of companies tried to produce the same product being initiated by Amazon, but they all failed to replicate the features of Kindle. It remains exceptional and practical to suit your reading needs.


Buy Kindle DX For Your Reading Pleasure

The Kindle DX can be used to immediately access, search and shop the Kindle Store. You can begin reading within a minute after a simple click and acquire. Like Amazon, buy Kindle on Store offers the same customer satisfaction and low prices. When purchasing a Kindle book, Amazon will auto-deliver your selections wirelessly. visit her latest blog posted at

Another great feature about the Kindle DX is that it has an auto-rotating screen so if you turn the screen it will rotate from portrait to landscape. This is great if you are trying to view a large map or something that will not fit on a traditional portrait view. Also great for viewing more of your PDF documents at one time.

This wireless reader is the best of the best and a perfect gift for yourself or your book loving enthusiast.

If you have been considering switching over to a wireless reader, there may be many good reasons why now is the best time to buy Kindle DX.

The earliest and most obvious reason why customers are raving about the DX is that it’s especially easy on the eyes. The screen is larger (9.7 inches diagonal compared to 6 inches diagonal) which means that you can generate the font larger without losing too much text off the screen. This is an excellent feature that is perfect for anyone that has a hard time reading small print in books. visit their official website for more tips.

Another awesome component that drove clients to purchase Kindle paperwhite case DX was that the content is detectably darker, without question crisper and a ton less demanding to peruse than other Kindle models.This gives you an overall simplified and better reading experience than with smaller screen wireless readers.

No monthly in every wireless bills and or commitments. Amazon will pay for allwireless Kindle’s connectivity so you will not see anywireless monthly bill. There will be no set up for wireless—you are now ready for shopping, buying, and then reading right out of the box.

Described as the best of the best when it comes to wireless reading devices, the Kindle DX is the newest hot item to acquire. Most people are raving about the more visible larger screen and the sleek and slim design.


There are far more benefits offered by the Kindle DX and its unique larger screen than any other wireless readers on the market.

Glare associated with other electronic displays is eliminated with the large DX screen by reflecting light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting. The Kindle reviews on kindle DX can undoubtedly be read the same in bright sunlight, as in your living room, and with the improved contrast, it is easy to read in any low light condition.

If you are interested in reading more thorough reviews about the Kindle DX, as well as learn how to buy Kindle DX at the lowest possible price. Please check out any website to Buy Kindle Reader for your convenience and comfort. And see different it is!